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Lopende projecten (in ontwikkeling en productie)

 Project nameProject infoStatusStartedProject contact
Projects/Dungeons and DragonsDungeons and DragonsDungeons! And dragons!Alpha16 March 2024User:NovemberBravo
Projects/MISTter G@meconsoleMISTER based games console with all the retro coresEventual location: LoungeAlpha19 February 2022Tahtkev
Projects/RadioShelterAsiel voor afgedankte radio'sMet de komst van DAB+ en een totaal gestoorde AM band worden nogal wat radio toestellen afgedankt. Hier krijgen ze, ongeacht hun voorgeschiedenis, de kans op een nieuwe toekomst. Totaal uitzichtloze gevallen kunnen zich als donor inzetten. Geen radio is schroot!Alpha8 May 2021Dugo
Projects/Lego bluetooth hub controlLego bluetooth hub controlControlling Lego Technic bluetooth hubsAlpha15 December 2020User:Rogue
Projects/Space opfleurenSpace opfleurenInitiatief om het één en ander om te knappn/fleuren. Welke ideeën we daadwerkelijk gaan doorvoeren is nog niet besloten, maar iedereen is welkom om ideeën aan te brengen.Alpha29 January 2020User:Forseti
Projects/charlie cubeCharliplexed LED cubeA 6×6×6 green LED cube made with a 15×16 charlieplexed gridBeta8 January 2020Kuro Maii
Projects/Ledbanner NESNES op de ledbanner 🐄Putting a NES game (in this case Mario) on the ledbannerBeta15 January 2018Gopper
Projects/Tiny robot swarmTiny robot swarmMet een aantal mensen een swarm hele kleine robots bouwen en ze samen laten 'werken'.Alpha19 August 2016KartoffelKönig
Projects/Network Infra v2Network Infrastructure v2Network Infrastructure in the spaceBeta1 January 2014WilcoBaanHofman
Projects/Transformer isolated summing amplifiertransformer isolated summing amplifier (TISA)transformer isolated summing amplifier (TISA)Beta1 August 2011Nickname
Projects/Led WallLed WallEen ledwall met 512 RGB LedsAlpha22 June 2011Nickname

Voltooide projecten

 Project nameProject infoStartedProject contact
Projects/Space4.0Space 4.0De verhuizing en verbouwen space 4.017 April 2024AK47
Projects/Matrix HSMatrix homeserverMatrix homeserver tbv Bitlair members15 November 2021User:Flimpie
Projects/LED-PadLED-PadA simple remote control intended to be used with single colorLED-strips15 July 2018Polyfloyd
Projects/Fusion 360 workshopFusion 360 workshopVoorbereidingen voor een mogelijke fusion 360 workshop27 January 2018Linor
Projects/KubusjeKubusjeLast December, I attended the 34th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, Germany. One thing that really impressed me was a cube comprised of bright LED-panels. It’s awesome and I just had to get one of my own.21 January 2018Polyfloyd
Projects/BrainLedBrainledControl the ledbanner with Brainfuck15 January 2018Gopper
Projects/Wissellijst fundraiserWissellijst FundraiserFundraiser24 December 2017Linor
Projects/Space3.0Space3.0Computerweg 20a, Amersfoort16 October 2017Hobbybob
Projects/CBeamMachineC-Beam MachineCNC2 July 2017Linor
Projects/MoneyHopperMoneyHopperI have received a great (20 or so) number of these coin dispensers.

You can have one for free, only thing i ask in return is that you share your experiences, ways of controlling this and maybe a picture of the project you created. This to help other people control their Money Hopper too!

This info i will share with the person that donated them to me and maybe we get more of these cool goodies in the future.
14 June 2017User:Hobbybob
Projects/Laserbuis fundraiserLaserbuis fundraiserFundraiser voor nieuwe laserbuis22 February 2017User:Vuurtorenjeroen
Projects/Encryption for camera'sStudy to encryption of camera footageA little study of mine to see if I could find a solution for a problem that some journalists have while doing their jobs.24 December 2016User:NovemberBravo
Projects/Faux TubesFauxtubesEen 'neppe' nixietube gemaakt van plexiglas en neopixels.21 September 2016NovemberBravo
Projects/MQTTMQTTLijm voor space-events16 September 2016User:Polyfloyd
Projects/KokenKokenGeïnspireerd door August 2016Stijn
Projects/VerhuizenVerhuizenWe moeten samen met DJO verhuizen naar de nieuwe space!9 January 2016AK47
Projects/R2-D2R2-D2 AstromechLife size replica1 January 2016Linor
Projects/Mendel90Mendel90Building a mendel9014 September 2012Zarya
Projects/Open DomoticaOpen DomoticaLet's launch open sourced domotica properly. Currently in pre-alpha phase.1 August 2012WebSpider
Projects/BitBarPiBitBarPiA raspberry pi controlled cash register1 August 2012Zarya
Projects/Smiley BoxSmiley BoxA smiley box8 July 2012Mro
Projects/Analog things meterAnalog things meterA analog meter for things8 July 2012Nickname
Projects/Power MeterPower MeterBitlair Power meter7 July 2012Zarya
Projects/Space AmpSpace AmpNew amp for in the space7 July 2012Nickname
Projects/mehduinoMehDuinoA barebone arduino clone7 July 2012Bobo1on1
Projects/KPN Hotspots AutologinKPN Hotspots AutologinKPN Hotspots Autologin5 May 2012Nickname
Projects/Ethernet over phone cableEthernet over phone cableRun ethernet over a phone cable, using homeplug adapters.2 April 2012Bobo1on1
Projects/Laser cutterLaser cutterBig 100W laser cutter11 March 2012Hobbybob
Projects/SA12 IPC@CHIPSA12 IPC@Chipsystem on a chip15 January 2012Nickname
Projects/BitlightBitlightBitlair lighting23 December 2011Bobo1on1
Projects/Bitlair TVBitlair TVGlasvezelnetwerk in Amersfoort is open gesteld. Daar willen we gebruik van maken.17 November 2011Nickname
Projects/FT-817 BuddyFT-817 BuddyBuddy box for the FT-817 radio15 November 2011Pe5ed
Projects/PhonePhoneCall +31337 114 6669 November 2011AK47
Projects/SpaceCamSpaceCamSpaceCam!9 November 2011AK47
Projects/Bionical BodypartsBionical BodypartsBionical Arm + Bionical foot19 October 2011Nickname
Projects/Esther.esrac.ele.tue.nlesther.esrac.ele.tue.nlSoftware voor satelliet volg systeem voor esther.esrac.ele.tue.nl14 September 2011Nickname
Projects/RouterLabRouterLabRouter lab for testing advanced routing/networking protocols7 September 2011AK47
Projects/SpaceFEDSpaceFEDFederated hackerspace logons1 September 2011WilcoBaanHofman
Projects/BlinkenlairBlinkenlairBlinken @ Amersfoort19 August 2011Nickname
Projects/DR2C-YU1LM SDRDR2C-YU1LM SDRMonoband SDR HF S/H Sample and Hold Receiver with LO at working frequency - DR2C from 30 KHz to 50 MHz22 July 2011Zarya
Projects/SkipbuttonSkipbuttonSkipbutton remote1 July 2011Bobo1on1
Projects/SDRSDRSDR (Software Defined Radio) for listening to the Amateur radio bands21 June 2011Nickname
Projects/MuzieksysteemMuzieksysteemBitlair muziek- en videospeler14 June 2011Bobo1on1
Projects/BitBackupBitBackupLocal and remote backup tool1 June 2011WilcoBaanHofman
Projects/SubwooferSubwooferNice Bass27 May 2011Nickname
Projects/DarknetDarknetDarknet for hackerspaces23 May 2011Nickname
Projects/BitBankBitBankBar & Bank app23 May 2011Nickname
Projects/SpaceNotifierSpaceNotifierSpace Notifier15 May 2011Nickname
Projects/RafrdRafrdRealtime asynchronous replication daemon5 May 2011Nickname
Projects/Drinks and snacksDrinks and snacksDrankjes & snacks welke te koop zijn in de space1 May 2011AK47
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