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Lopende projecten (in ontwikkeling en productie)

 Project nameProject infoStatusStartedProject contact
Projects/MoneyHopperMoneyHopperI have received a great (20 or so) number of these coin dispensers.

You can have one for free, only thing i ask in return is that you share your experiences, ways of controlling this and maybe a picture of the project you created. This to help other people control their Money Hopper too!

This info i will share with the person that donated them to me and maybe we get more of these cool goodies in the future.
Production14 June 2017User:Hobbybob
Projects/Azpen A1160Azpen HYBRX A1160 DebianInstalling Debian on Allwinner A64 laptop HYBRX A1160Beta5 May 2017User:WilcoBaanHofman
Projects/BoardgamesBitlair BoardgamesEen boardgames voor als je even geen zin hebt om te hacken.Alpha21 April 2017User:NovemberBravo
Projects/$andere ruimteDe andere ruimteCan not be blankAlpha16 April 2017User:AK47
Projects/DagobertDagobertAdministratiesysteem voor LasercutterBeta15 March 2017Linor
Projects/PixelvloedPixelvloedEen UDP-pixelflut variantProduction12 March 2017KartoffelKönig
Projects/3D printed violin3D printed violinViool die bestaat uit 3D geprinte onderdelenAlpha10 March 2017User:Nemo
Projects/LaserharpLaserharpDoor het afdekken van laserstralen wordt er een toon gegenereerd en kan je bijv. Tetris spelen.Alpha3 March 2017User:Nemo
Projects/Laserbuis fundraiserLaserbuis fundraiserFundraiser voor nieuwe laserbuisProduction22 February 2017User:Vuurtorenjeroen
Projects/Clock ClockClock ClockVerkleinde replica van de Million Times clockAlpha15 February 2017Linor
Projects/Climate hubClimateHubEen luchtvochtigheidssensor, luchtdruksensor en twee temperatuursensors om het klimaat in de space te meten.Production5 February 2017Boekenwuurm
Projects/SpaceLightSpace LightLED verlichting in de spaceProduction22 January 2017Polyfloyd
Projects/ledcatledcatZoals netcat, maar voor ledjes. :)Production22 January 2017Polyfloyd
Projects/fume extractorFume ExtractorEen fume extractor om te gebruiken voor tijdens het solderen.Alpha4 January 2017User:NovemberBravo
Projects/Kolomboor FundraiserKolomboor FundraiserFundraiser voor KolomboorAlpha18 December 2016Hobbybob
Projects/MadRGBMadRGBWS2801 pixels couloring da space ceilingProduction12 December 2016X6m
Projects/Lasercutter MeubelLasercutter MeubelNieuw meubel voor de lasercutter in space2Production1 November 2016Linor
Projects/Space2.0Space 2.0Production11 October 2016Hobbybob
Projects/SpaceSwitchSpaceSwitchFysieke MQTT spacestate schakelaars voor bitlair en DJOProduction9 October 2016KartoffelKönig
Projects/Faux TubesFauxtubesEen 'neppe' nixietube gemaakt van plexiglas en neopixels.Alpha21 September 2016Linor
Projects/SpacestateSpacestateOpvolger van SpaceNotifierProduction19 September 2016User:Polyfloyd
Projects/MQTTMQTTLijm voor space-eventsProduction16 September 2016User:Polyfloyd
Projects/KokenKokenGeïnspireerd door August 2016Stijn
Projects/Tiny robot swarmTiny robot swarmMet een aantal mensen een swarm hele kleine robots bouwen en ze samen laten 'werken'.Alpha19 August 2016KartoffelKönig
Projects/R2-D2R2-D2 AstromechLife size replicaAlpha1 January 2016Linor
Projects/WiFi-probeWiFi-probeAutomated WiFi testing using the OpenWRT platformAlpha1 December 2015AK47
Projects/EventInfraEventInfraEventInfra supports several EU-based tech-events by providing loans for networking equipment (wireless & fixed).Beta1 September 2015AK47
Projects/Led bannerBitBanner (LED-banner)A LED-banner consisting of 16 5 meter long 30 LEDs/meter strips.Production13 March 2015Bobo1on1
Projects/Mailserver with Debian, Exim, spamassassin, greylistd, DKIM, SRS, SPF, DMARC, forwarding, LDAP, dovecot, LMTP, disk cryptoMailserver with Debian, Exim, spamassassin, greylistd, DKIM, SRS, SPF, DMARC, forwarding, LDAP, dovecot, LMTP, disk cryptoThis page describes how we set up our mail system and how other people can set up their own full blown modern mail servers.Production1 March 2015WilcoBaanHofman
Projects/Network Infra v2Network Infrastructure v2Network Infrastructure in the spaceBeta1 January 2014AK47
Projects/BitBank v2Bitlair BankGebaseerd op RevBankProduction1 January 2014WilcoBaanHofman
Projects/PortalPortalBitlair member/friend portalProduction1 January 2014AK47
Projects/Power savingPower savingProject to save more power in BitlairProduction1 August 2013WilcoBaanHofman
Projects/Led Board 2Led Board 2A matrix led board we got from someoneAlpha18 April 2013Eightdot
Projects/Ohm led strip sleevesOhm2013 led strip sleevesOhm2013 led strip sleevesProduction2 January 2013Rogue
Projects/Led BoardLed Board aka BitPanelA matrix led board we got from someoneProduction3 October 2012Bobo1on1
Projects/Led PanelsLed PanelsHome made rgb led panels with controllersProduction1 October 2012Rogue
Projects/BitBarPiBitBarPiA raspberry pi controlled cash registerProduction1 August 2012Zarya
Projects/NetlightNetlightThe network traffic light at haxogreenProduction27 July 2012Pietdv
Projects/ShellserverBitlair shellserverA members-only shellserverProduction14 July 2012R3boot
Projects/siahsdSIA-HS DaemonAlarm system IP daemon for the SIA-HS protocolProduction14 July 2012WilcoBaanHofman
Projects/Power MeterPower MeterBitlair Power meterProduction7 July 2012Zarya
Projects/Space AmpSpace AmpNew amp for in the spaceProduction7 July 2012Bobo1on1
Projects/KPN Hotspots AutologinKPN Hotspots AutologinKPN Hotspots AutologinProduction5 May 2012AK47
Projects/Ethernet over phone cableEthernet over phone cableRun ethernet over a phone cable, using homeplug adapters.Production2 April 2012Bobo1on1
Projects/Laser cutterLaser cutterBig 100W laser cutterProduction11 March 2012Hobbybob
Projects/DashboardBitlair Statistics / DashboardBitlair statistics / DashboardProduction29 December 2011User:AK47
Projects/BitlightBitlightBitlair lightingProduction23 December 2011Bobo1on1
Projects/PhonePhoneCall +31337 114 666Production9 November 2011AK47
Projects/SpaceFEDSpaceFEDFederated hackerspace logonsProduction1 September 2011WilcoBaanHofman
... further results

Voltooide projecten

 Project nameProject infoStartedProject contact
Projects/Yuri's Night vieringYuri's NightYuri's Night viering12 April 2017MalePyggion
Projects/word clock workshopWord clock workshopEen workshop organiseren waarbij je zelf een woordklok kan bouwen.4 February 2017 14:00:00KartoffelKönig
Projects/Bitlair electronica marketBitlair Elektronica MarketEen DIY loketautomaat waaruit je elektronica kan 'trekken' om te gebruiken in projecten.30 January 2017User:User:NovemberBravo
Projects/Encryption for camera'sStudy to encryption of camera footageA little study of mine to see if I could find a solution for a problem that some journalists have while doing their jobs.24 December 2016User:NovemberBravo
VerhuisVoerVerhuisVoerLekker eten bij de verhuizing10 December 2016Sebastius
Projects/MQTT-SireneMQTT-Sirene€4 action 6-geluid sirene aan MQTT hangen18 September 2016User:KartoffelKönig
Projects/FoldarapFoldarapOpvouwbare 3D printer.1 August 2016Linor
Projects/Bitlair kledingBitlair kleding group-buyBitlair hoodies & t-shirts3 July 2016KartoffelKönig
Projects/Arduino Workshop for BeginnersArduino Workshop for BeginnersA 4-thursday-evening course teaching how to use and how to program an Arduino UNO.16 June 2016Rogue
Jeroen (DJO)
Projects/VerhuizenVerhuizenWe moeten samen met DJO verhuizen naar de nieuwe space!9 January 2016AK47
Projects/bitradiobitradioA raspberry pi in the space tracking planes and hab balloons. Can also be used for other radio things. Is attached to the antenna.20 July 2014Stijn
Projects/bitmobileBitmobileReviving the scootmobile used at OHM2013.18 May 2014Stijn
Projects/LumberjackLumberjackWood collection for our great fireplace1 May 2013R3boot
Projects/SunType5ConverterSun Type 5 Keyboard PC ConverterBuilding a converter for the famous Sun Type 5 keyboard26 September 2012R3boot
Projects/Mendel90Mendel90Building a mendel9014 September 2012Zarya
Projects/Open DomoticaOpen DomoticaLet's launch open sourced domotica properly. Currently in pre-alpha phase.1 August 2012WebSpider
Projects/Smiley BoxSmiley BoxA smiley box8 July 2012Mro
Projects/Analog things meterAnalog things meterA analog meter for things8 July 2012Zarya
Projects/mehduinoMehDuinoA barebone arduino clone7 July 2012Bobo1on1
Projects/SA12 IPC@CHIPSA12 IPC@Chipsystem on a chip15 January 2012Zarya
Projects/Bitlair TVBitlair TVGlasvezelnetwerk in Amersfoort is open gesteld. Daar willen we gebruik van maken.17 November 2011Stitch
Projects/FT-817 BuddyFT-817 BuddyBuddy box for the FT-817 radio15 November 2011Pe5ed
Projects/SpaceCamSpaceCamSpaceCam!9 November 2011AK47
Projects/Bionical BodypartsBionical BodypartsBionical Arm + Bionical foot19 October 2011Zilcha
Projects/Esther.esrac.ele.tue.nlesther.esrac.ele.tue.nlSoftware voor satelliet volg systeem voor esther.esrac.ele.tue.nl14 September 2011Zarya
Projects/RouterLabRouterLabRouter lab for testing advanced routing/networking protocols7 September 2011AK47
Projects/weatherstationWeatherstationAn arduino powered weatherstation1 September 2011R3boot
Projects/BlinkenlairBlinkenlairBlinken @ Amersfoort19 August 2011WebSpider
Projects/DR2C-YU1LM SDRDR2C-YU1LM SDRMonoband SDR HF S/H Sample and Hold Receiver with LO at working frequency - DR2C from 30 KHz to 50 MHz22 July 2011Zarya
Projects/SDRSDRSDR (Software Defined Radio) for listening to the Amateur radio bands21 June 2011Maze
Projects/SpaceRuimte 1.0 van BitlairOmdat de algemene ruimte van Bitlair ook een project is!4 June 2011Polyfloyd
Projects/BitBankBitBankBar & Bank app23 May 2011Zarya
Projects/DarknetDarknetDarknet for hackerspaces23 May 2011Maze
Projects/Pe32editPe32editPE32+ editor1 March 2011WilcoBaanHofman
Projects/PMDBPMDBParts Management Database13 February 2011Zarya
Projects/OpenCTRLOpenCTRLBus for home automation4 February 2011Zarya
Projects/HackDNSHackDNS.hack top level domain name4 February 2011Maze