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Project Lumberjack
Name Lumberjack
Start 2013/05/01
Contact r3boot
Information Wood collection for our great fireplace
Status Abandoned


Since we want to build a lot of really big fires this summer, we need lots and lots of fuel, preferrably dry (and free as in beer) wood. Since wood only returns heat on investment, we need to pool money ourself to pay for wood and arrange our own transport.


  1. We find wood somewhere
  2. We arrange transport
  3. We pickup the wood and bring it to bitlair
  4. ... PROFIT!!11oneeleven


For transportation, we will need someone with a towbar so we can hookup a trailer. If you've got a car with a towbar and are willing to drive to pickup wood, please add yourself to the list below. If we cannot find someone with a trailer, we can rent one (See money pooling). If you pay for fuel (instead of your boss), add it to the list and make sure you specify the maximum distance you would be willing to drive or if you want to be reimbursted for the costs.

Name Has towbar Has trailer Pays for fuel
pluisje y n* y (reimburst if > 30KM)
  • my parents have a big trailer which I can use, but it's in Hoofddorp, and a B-E licence might be needed if it's filled with 3 mΒ³ of wood.


Found a place where we can find wood? Add it to the list here!

Location Amount Price URL Notes
Sneek N x pallets free
Amsterdam 30 x pallet free
Enschede N x pallets free
Assendelft Assorted free
Beugen 10~20x pallets free
Veghel pallet with cubboards free
Various Assorted  ??? These guys have a sales season each year around february.

Mo money, mo wood

Since we need to pay for both the wood and the transportation, we will need to pool up money in order to do so. Add yourself to the list below if you want to pledge some money:

Name Amount pledged Amount payed
r3boot 10 0
pluisje 10 0
Wilco 10 0
zarya 15 0