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Overzicht van evemenenten.

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EventEvent nameDate
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StartEndEvent locationEvent infoEvent member
Events/2017-05-06 IPv6 WorkshopIPv6 workshop6 May 20176 May 2017 14:30:006 May 2017 18:00:00Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-05-06 NaaiworkshopNaaiworkshop #46 May 20176 May 2017 14:30:006 May 2017 18:00:00Ariane 24 Amersfoort
Events/2017-05-25 Gulaschprogrammiernacht 2017Gulaschprogrammiernacht 201725 May 201725 May 2017 10:00:0028 May 2017 15:00:00ZKM und HfG, Karlsruhe, Germany
Events/2017-05-27 Naaiworkshop 27-meiNaaiworkshop #527 May 201727 May 2017 14:30:0027 May 2017 18:00:00Ariane 24 Amersfoort
Events/2017-08-04 SHA2017SHA20174 August 20174 August 2017 10:00:00Zeewolde
Events/2017-09-09 Verenigingenmarkt EempleinVerenigingenmarkt Eemplein9 September 20179 September 2017 09:00:009 September 2017 18:00:00Eemplein, Amersfoort


EventEvent nameDate
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Event locationEvent infoEvent member
Events/2017-04-29 WebHacking WorkshopWeb Hacking workshop29 April 2017Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-04-22 ReverseEngineering WorkshopReverse Engineering workshop22 April 2017Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-04-13 HackInTheBox Amsterdam 2017HackInTheBox Amsterdam 201713 April 2017Krasnapolsky Hotel, Amsterdam
Events/2017-04-01 Naaimachine WorkshopNaaimachine Workshop #31 April 2017Projects/Space2.0
Events/ArduinoWorkshop201703Arduino Workshop for Beginners30 March 2017Ariane 24 AmersfoortA 3-thursday-evening course teaching how to use and how to program an Arduino UNO.
Events/2017-03-25 Hackerspaces Open DagHackerspaces Open Dag @ Bitlair25 March 2017Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-03-18 Naaimachine WorkshopNaaimachine Workshop #218 March 2017Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-03-11 Openingsfeest Space2.0Openingsfeest Space2.011 March 2017Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-03-05 Metameet 0x12Metameet 0x125 March 2017Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-02-25 SHA2017 NOC meetingSHA2017 NOC meeting #1 (private)25 February 2017Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-02-17 eth0 winter 2017eth0 winter 201717 February 2017Leeuwarden
Events/2017-02-12 polyfloyds bdayPolyfloyd's verjaardagsfeestje12 February 2017Contact
Events/2017-2-4 Woordklok workshopWoordklok workshop4 February 2017Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-02-04 FOSDEM 2017FOSDEM 20174 February 2017ULB, Brussel, Belgium
Events/2017-01-28 Verjaardag NemoVerjaardagsfeestje Nemo28 January 2017Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-01-22 Metameet 0x11Metameet 0x1122 January 2017Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-01-20 Dutch Laser Enthousiast MeetDutch Laser Enthousiast Meet20 January 2017Marrum, Nederland
Events/Naaimachine WorkshopNaaimachine workshop14 January 2017Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-01-08 Metameet 0x10Metameet 0x108 January 2017Projects/Space2.0
Events/2016-12-27 33rd Chaos Communication Congress33rd Chaos Communication Congress27 December 2016Congress Centrum Hamburg
Events/2016-12-18 Metameet 0xFMetameet 0xF18 December 2016Projects/Space2.0
Events/2016-12-10 Grote verhuizingGrote verhuizing10 December 2016Projects/SpaceBitlair & DJO gaan verhuizen.
Events/2016-12-04 KlusdagKlusdag4 December 2016Projects/Space2.0
Events/2016-12-04 Metameet 0xEMetameet 0xE4 December 2016Projects/Space2.0
Events/2016-12-03 InpakkenInpakken @ space13 December 2016Contact
Events/2016-11-19 KlusdagKlusdag!19 November 2016Projects/Space2.0
Events/2016-11-13 KlusdagKlusdag!13 November 2016Projects/Space2.0
Events/2016-11-12 KlusdagKlusdag!12 November 2016Projects/Space2.0
Events/2016-11-06 Metameet 0xDMetameet 0xD6 November 2016Projects/Space2.0
Events/2016-11-6 KlussenKlussen @ Ariane6 November 2016Projects/Space2.0
Events/2016-10-30 KlussenKlussen @ Ariane30 October 2016Projects/Space2.0
Events/2016-10-29 KlussenKlussen @ Ariane29 October 2016Projects/Space2.0
Events/2016-10-26 KlussenKlussen @ nieuwe space26 October 2016Projects/Space2.0
Events/2016-10-23 Klusdag 3Klusdag 323 October 2016Projects/Space2.0Muren behangen, kozijnen lakken, schoonmaken
Events/2016-10-22 Klusdag 2Klusdag 222 October 2016Projects/Space2.0Muren behangen, kozijnen lakken, schoonmaken
Events/2016-10-21 Klusdag 1 Space 2.0Klusdag 1 Space 2.021 October 2016Projects/Space2.0Muren behangen, kozijnen lakken, schoonmaken
Events/2016-10-9 Metameet 0xCMetameet 0xC9 October 2016Contact
Events/2016-09-25 Metameet 0xBMetameet 0xB25 September 2016Contact
Events/2016-09-21 SHA-DecoratiemeetSHA-Decoratiemeet21 September 2016Contact
Events/2016-09-11 Metameet 0xAMetameet 0xA11 September 2016Contact
Events/2016-08-28 Metameet 0x9Metameet 0x928 August 2016Contact
Events/2016-08-14 Metameet 0x8Metameet 0x814 August 2016Contact
Events/2016-08-05 Electromagnetic FieldElectromagnetic Field 20165 August 2016Guildford, UK
Events/2016-07-31 Metameet 0x7Metameet 0x731 July 2016Contact
Events/2016-07-03 Metameet 0x6Metameet 0x63 July 2016Contact
Events/2016-06-19 Metameet 0x5Metameet 0x519 June 2016Contact
Events/2016-05-22 Metameet 0x3Metameet 0x322 May 2016Contact
Events/2016-05-08 MetaMeet 0x2Metameet 0x25 May 2016Contact
Events/2016-04-24 MetaMeet 0x1MetaMeet 0x124 April 2016Contact
Events/2016-01-09 MovienightMovienight jan20169 January 2016Contact
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