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Project Power saving
Name Power saving
Start 2013/08/01
Contact WilcoBaanHofman, AK47, Bobo1on1
Information Project to save more power in Bitlair
Status Abandoned


This project is in production. Because of this project our idle power usage is now ~100watts instead of ~500watts!


  • HP DL360g5 server has been replaced with Intel i3-4330T-based system with 16GB of memory and a single 2TB disk. Power usage is about 45watts, instead of 210watts for the HP DL360g5.
  • Hardware for new server is ordered
  • Routerboard replaced by Ubiquiti EdgeRouter, added HP1910-16G switch.
  • Devices that are currently turned on/off by alarm-system trigger:
    • HP PoE switch 2600-8-PWR
    • HP 2650 48 port switch
    • RB600 main accesspoint (this is AP is on a seperate power socket on the powerbar because we want the AP to have a GigE uplink)
    • Outdoor accesspoint (by switching on/off PoE switch)
    • Bar/bank system (by switching on/off PoE switch)
    • Lasercutter system (by switching on/off PoE switch)
  • Weatherstation is offline permanently (project abandoned)


  • Replace PSU in server, saving upto additional 20watts.
  • Other ideas where possible


  • Make all the tl lamps switchable per tl light (12 times)
    • Use Kaku per lamp 11 to 13 euro ex shipping
  • Replace the lock in the benches with a button, this way the sockets can be turned off by pushing the emergency buttons. This will save about 15 watts of constant power usage because the relay inside the benches will turn off.
  • New server that uses less power.
  • Partially power the new server from the solar panels (complicated and costs a bit of money).
  • Replace the routerboard with a router that has an internal switch, and turn off the two main switches when bitlair is closed, this will save idle power usage.
  • Run the weatherstation on the server instead of on a separate machine, this will save about 15 watts of idle power usage.