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Project Sticker Chaos
Name Sticker Chaos
Start 2020/01/26
Contact User:NovemberBravo
Information Because we didn't have a dedicated sticker sticking place. So I bought a ribba and made it the Bitlair sticker sticking place. Add more stickers if you have them!
Status Production

Bitlair didn't have spot in the space were we could stick some sticker. Because we have a lot of stickers I decided to buy a ribba and make it into a place were we can stick some stickers. Feel free to add more stickers to it! The idea is that more and more stickers are added and this way the piece is different every time.

The evolution

The idea is that the poster frame evolves over time when people add more stickers. The evolution is documented below.


P1000859.JPG P1000860.JPG


Stickerschaos 29012020.jpeg