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Verjaardagsfeestje Nemo
Start 2017/01/28 20:00
End 2017/01/28 23:59
Location Ariane 24, Amersfoort


It's my birthday on January 30th, and this year I'll actually be in .NL, so time for a party!


Saturday January 28th 2017


Ariane 24 Amersfoort

What to bring?

Yourself! And some funny jokes or things to talk about. :) If you plan to attend you are welcome, please add yourself to the list below (or inform me).

Presents not needed, but if you feel the need to bring something, tiny list can be found here:


  • Nemo
  • Wilco
  • Will-Do
  • Dekkers
  • Failbaitr
  • Maverick
  • AK (na RevSpace BBQ)