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Position Not a member
Name Spider
Location N/A
Information zie profiel

Waar ken je mij van?

  • Hostingvereniging Soleus (bestuurssecretaris)
  • Eth-0 (member)
  • Mononoke (member)
  • HAR InfoHelpDesk (org)

Waar kun je mij vinden?

  • IRC-servers:
    • Eth-0 (Spider)
    • Mononoke (Spider)
    • OFTC (Spidertje)
    • Freenode (Spidertje)
  • E-mail: spam [at] spiderwebz [dot] nl
  • Twitter: Spiderwebz

Hysterical person: Help! I saw a spider! I'm not going to bed! It might be there waiting for me!  
Other person: What makes you think any self-respecting spiders would want to get into your bed?