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A list of all pages that have property "Project info" with value "Home made rgb led panels with controllers". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Projects/MoneyHopper  + (I have received a great (20 or so) number
    I have received a great (20 or so) number of these coin dispensers. You can have one for free, only thing i ask in return is that you share your experiences, ways of controlling this and maybe a picture of the project you created. This to help other people control their Money Hopper too! This info i will share with the person that donated them to me and maybe we get more of these cool goodies in the future.
    more of these cool goodies in the future.)
  • Projects/Azpen A1160  + (Installing Debian on Allwinner A64 laptop HYBRX A1160)
  • Projects/Jawa  + (Jawa cosplay)
  • Projects/Lockpicks for Dutch Hackerspaces  + (Jwrm22 bought 20kg lockpicks, 4000 pieces. This project will supply the Dutch hackerspaces with bags of picks. The project will also document the cleaning process.)
  • Projects/KPN Hotspots Autologin  + (KPN Hotspots Autologin)
  • Projects/Floyd-Light  + (LED strips rondom het smartboard in de lounge voor ambilight enzo)
  • Projects/SpaceLight  + (LED verlichting in de space)
  • Projects/Strandbeest  + (Lasercut strandbeest inspired robot)
  • Projects/Kubusje  + (Last December, I attended the 34th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, Germany. One thing that really impressed me was a cube comprised of bright LED-panels. It’s awesome and I just had to get one of my own.)
  • VerhuisVoer  + (Lekker eten bij de verhuizing)
  • Projects/Open Domotica  + (Let's launch open sourced domotica properly. Currently in pre-alpha phase.)
  • Projects/Wiki  + (Letterlijk deze Wiki)
  • Projects/R2-D2  + (Life size replica)
  • Projects/MQTT  + (Lijm voor space-events)
  • Projects/BitBackup  + (Local and remote backup tool)
  • Projects/Tiny robot swarm  + (Met een aantal mensen een swarm hele kleine robots bouwen en ze samen laten 'werken'.)
  • Projects/DR2C-YU1LM SDR  + (Monoband SDR HF S/H Sample and Hold Receiver with LO at working frequency - DR2C from 30 KHz to 50 MHz)
  • Projects/phishpas  + (Na Certified Estetisch Harker kan je nu ook een pas krijgen om te Phishen!)
  • Projects/Network Infra v2  + (Network Infrastructure in the space)
  • Projects/Space Amp  + (New amp for in the space)
  • Projects/Subwoofer  + (Nice Bass)
  • Projects/Lasercutter Meubel  + (Nieuw meubel voor de lasercutter in space2)
  • Projects/Ohm led strip sleeves  + (Ohm2013 led strip sleeves)
  • Projects/Space opfleuren  + (Om de 70's inrichting en kleurstelling ter
    Om de 70's inrichting en kleurstelling terug naar de 70's te brengen te sturen is er een initiatief om het één en ander om te knappen/fleuren. Welke ideeën we daadwerkelijk gaan doorvoeren is nog niet besloten, maar iedereen is welkom om ideeën aan te brengen.
    dereen is welkom om ideeën aan te brengen.)
  • Projects/Space1.0  + (Omdat de algemene ruimte van Bitlair ook een project is!)