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Project SIA-HS Daemon
Name SIA-HS Daemon
Start 2012/07/14
Contact WilcoBaanHofman
Information Alarm system IP daemon for the SIA-HS protocol
Status Production


We are currently using the SIA-HS daemon for the following:

  • Log events to database
  • Log events to IRC (#bitlair)
  • Switch equipment on/off based on alarm "armed" or "disarmed" (for power savings etc)


The goal of the project is to link our alarm system to the Alarm Monitoring Service via Internet, but also to capture events from the alarm system on the network.

We are using an Alphatronics Alarm Dialer, which can use SIA-HS to communicate over IP.

Ultimate goals are:

  • Register als a full monitoring service for the dialer (ACHIEVED)
  • Parse events from the Alarm system (ACHIEVED)
  • Log events to a database (ACHIEVED)
  • Have a push event to our IRC channel, without polling (ACHIEVED)
  • Create a PROM list and keep track of keepalives, different IP-addresses, etc.
  • Keep track of status of events and have a manual reset function
  • Implement every Alarm IP Protocol:
    • Alphatronics SIA-HS (ACHIEVED)
    • Vebon SecIP 1.x (ACHIEVED)
    • Chiron IrisTouch (In progress)
    • Ademco/Pittway/Honeywell Galaxy (Protocol dissection possible)
    • Vebon SecIP 2.x (Have protocol description)
    • SIA DC-09-2007
    • VDS 2465-S2
  • Implement events via analog SIA/XSIA/Ademco ContactID via Asterisk AlarmReceiver/ContactID or something similar