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Project Ohm2013 led strip sleeves
Name Ohm2013 led strip sleeves
Start 2013/01/02
Contact rogue, bobo1on1
Information Ohm2013 led strip sleeves
Status Production

Loan this equipment

If you want to loan this equipment see: [1]


For the Ohm2013 festival Bitlair created about 120 led strip sleeves to provide basic lighting on the field. These sleeves were hang on top of 6m scaffolding poles (dug into the ground about 1m).


Each sleeve consists of:

  • pipe (diameter 7cm, length 50cm)
  • cap to shut off the top of the pipe
  • laptop power converter (5V, 8A)
  • MiNi ENC28J60 Ethernet LAN Network Module For Arduino SPI AVR
  • custom controller board with Atmel Mega328
  • 5m led strip rgb ws2812 30 leds/m
  • wooden block jammed in the sleeve to support and keep the contents in the sleeve

Light control

The sleeves are controlled using ArtNet (DMX over UDP, [link]).

Main links

[Python art and library]

[Hardware design & Firmware]


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