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Project Led Panels
Name Led Panels
Start 2012/10/01
End before OHM 2013
Contact Rogue, Hobbybob
Information Home made rgb led panels with controllers
Status Production


We wanted to create 12 led panels each. Rogue wants to put them in his living room, Hobbybob wants to use them with his laser shows. We found a cheap wooden board with pre-drilled 5mm holes in them at 13mm spacing. Rogue makes smaller boards with a led every other hole, Hobbybob makes them a little larger with a led every third hole; resulting in boards of about 20x40cm and 30x60cm.


The controller boards were bought from [[1]]. They use an atmega328 to control 3 tlc5940's which provide PWM signals for 16 channels. To control a led board of 16x8 leds the PWM signals are multiplexed. The input for the boards it a 1M baud serial signal. The boards can be linked together up to probably 8 boards in a chain.

Led panels

The panels are made the old fashioned way with single rgb leds (common anode). When we started led strings were still hard to get and expensive. Now it would be much easier and probably cost as much to make the panels from led strings.


The boards can be controlled with Glediator (from or with a java application LedPanelGraphics [[2]].


Production1 s.png