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2012/05/09 - Sorry for the silence, but rest assured we’ve done some amazing stuff over the past few months I’ll try to summarize the recent developments here, and I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting stuff:

We’ve been busy building five coincidentally human-sized laser cutters, project updates about this are kept on

We’ve also been busy with doing NOC for events, like eth0 summer 2012 and Hack in the Box, and working on preparations for OHM 2013. Meanwhile we’re also expanding one of our projects called spacenet, part of spacefed.

We’ve also been redesigning our entire space infrastructure, most notably the ridiculously overdimensioned overconfigurable over-everything audio system, more updates on this will follow pretty soon :-)

Two more notable updates are the space power infrastructure, which is still being upgraded, but most of it is already switchable via ethernet. The other one is the alarm system project.

We’ve been working on the space alarm system and we’ve reverse-engineered the Alphatronics SIA-HS Alarm over IP protocol. We will soon have all alarm events on IRC as well, so we’ll know if something is up before our Alarm Receiving Centre even calls us :)

3 of our members will be giving talks at Hack in the Random 2600NL Data Box, AK47 will talk about SpaceFed, Zarya will be showing off our awesome 3D printer and Wilco will be taking the audience step by step through reverse engineering alarm over IP protocols.

If you’re interested in more info, you can visit Projects for more updates on some of our smaller projects.. There’s so many!