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Arduino Workshop for Beginners
Start 2017/03/30 07:30:00 PM
End 2017/03/30 11:00:00 PM
Location Ariane 24 Amersfoort

Last year we ran this course for the first time and it was a big success. The cost for this course is 25 euros, which is the cost for the electronics which you can take home with you. During the 3 evenings we want to teach about electronics, programming arduino etc. But the focus will be on actually doing it yourself. We'll create little projects where we will focus on understanding how it works. No prior programming or electronics knowledge needed, only interest.

The course will he held and hosted at Ariane 24 in Amersfoort. Bitlair is hosting this workshop together with De Jonge Onderzoekers Amersfoort.

If you want to attend this course, please add your name to the list, or send a mail to

Maximum 20 participants.

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