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Network services

Getting local network access

Inside and outside of the space we are offering wireless and wired network access. IPv4 address-assignment is done via RFC1918 and NAT, for IPv6 we are using a to give you a publicly routable IPv6 address.

Wireless access

The following SSID's are available inside and outside of the space:

  • Bitlair-2GHz (2.4GHz-only WPA2-enterprise)
  • Bitlair-5GHz (5GHz-only WPA2-enterprise)
  • Bitlair-things (2.4GHz/5GHz WPA2-PSK network for "Internet of Things"). The PSK is available in the space.
  • spacenet (WPA2-enterprise federated authentication across hackerspaces)
  • eduroam (WPA2-enterprise federated authentication for educational organisations)

General WPA2-enterprise settings for Bitlair-networks and spacenet for Bitlair members:

  • Phase 1: EAP-TTLS or PEAP
  • Phase 2: PAP or MSCHAPv2 or EAP-MSCHAPv2
  • CHECK THE CERTIFICATE! Check both the CA and the subject.
    • Certificate signed by CA: ISRG Root X1 (Let's Encrypt!)
    • Certificate subject:

As a Bitlair-member:

  • Bitlair networks: Use your LDAP credentials to login.
  • spacenet: use your LDAP credentials with the ""-realm to login. Also use this profile to get network access at other spaces.

As a guest:

  • Bitlair networks:
    • Username: guest
    • Password: eurosnoeren
  • spacenet: if you have a spacenet account from another hackerspace you can use these credentials to login. You should have received the correct phase 1/2 settings from your hackerspace.

For more information about connecting check these howto's:

Wired access

At many places in the space we are offering GigE 802.3af PoE wired network access. Please find the nearest outlet or network cable.

For Bitlair members & friends we are offering a shell server which is hosted inside Bitlair. It is reachable over IPv4 and/or IPv6.

  • Methods: SSH
  • Hostname:
  • Username: <your nickname>
  • Password: <your personal password>

Grafana frontend for statistics of Bitlair. Running on Portal VM.

  • For dashboard see
  • Grafana install is linked to LDAP. Use your LDAP credentials to login and create your own dashboards. /

These machines are running all of the VM's.

  • for support on this machine ask AK47, Wilco or polyfloyd

See Projects/Muzieksysteem. Only reachable from local network. Separate system (not a VM on

VM running backend for spacestate. Also see Projects/Spacestate.

VM running RevBank software. /

External and internal authentication machine running these services:

  • FreeRADIUS (for 802.1X/spacenet)
  • OpenLDAP
  • IdP (simplesaml)

VM running Asterisk for external phone number and connecting Cisco 79xx phones in the space.

VM running Graphite/Carbon as backend for Also running Collectd for collection of various metrics (SNMP/MQTT). (IPv6 only)

This VM hosts the public wiki (

Hosting This VM is used for private Git repo's. Your can login here with your LDAP credentials.

Bitlair member/friend portal, see Projects/Portal. - 3D printing frontend. Running on 3D printing PC (not a VM).

VM running MQTT software for metrics of Bitlair. Also see Projects/MQTT.

VM running ArtNet scripts for LED visualisation.

VM hosted by User:Wilco (SYNNACK) running several public services:

External VPS running several services:

OrangePi used for controlling LED strips (not deployed at Bitlair3)

OrangePi used for interfacing with Arduino's of Doorsystem. (not deployed at Bitlair3)

RaspberryPi running SSH-client to - frontend for RevBank. (IPv4 only)

LAOS board controller lasercutter.

RaspberryPi running webcam for lasercutter.

RaspberryPi running safety/accounting for lasercutter.

2D printer

Color 2D laserprinter, HP 3600. Reachable via IPv4: