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Project Bitmobile
Name Bitmobile
Start 2014/05/18
End 2016/08/01
Contact Stijn
Information Reviving the scootmobile used at OHM2013.
Status Abandoned

Project description

See for ideas and planned modifications.


  • Power: fix the batteryloader and maybe new batteries

Either build or buy a batteryloader

  • Frame: lasercut backframe for on the back, mount batteryloader on the back

Design backframe Lasercut backframe

  • Cosmetics: spraypaint, mount LED strips and music system (amplifier+speakers)

Paint new backframe, spinners and underside of the frontpanel

  • Electronics: fix lights

Project timeline


  • Replaced the 6.35mm jack plug 'ignition' with a barrel plug
  • Accidentally fried part of the controller board, causing the turn signals to stop functioning


  • Sanded the plastic body parts in preparation of painting


  • Painted some plastic body parts
  • Replaced barrel plug 'ignition' with electronical lock (with key)
  • Painted rims to prevent any further rust
  • Laser-cut spinners to put on the rims


  • Kartoffel has acquired programming software


  • Success! We built a programming cable and were able to reprogram the motor controller. At this point we can change the acceleration and deceleration, but we haven't figured out how to increase the speed above 15km/h.


Dimitri painting.jpg Mobile audio.jpg Spinner2.jpg Spinner1.jpg Mobile painted.jpg

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