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Project SpaceCam
Name SpaceCam
Start 2011/11/09
Contact AK47
Information SpaceCam!
Status Abandoned


This project is currently abandoned because Bitlair does not own the Honeywell cam anymore. We currently have to get a new cam.


On we currently have a stream running from our SpaceCam.

The camera we are using is a Honeywell HCX13M. The stream is multiplexed at another server using VLC.

MJPEG stream Honeywell HCX13M

At first it seems the Honeywell stream is only viewable from the Java applet in the webinterface. Using Wireshark we discovered the applet is actually pulling a MJPEG stream. This is the URL:


Multiplexing in VLC

Multiplexing MJPEG in VLC can be a bit tricky. For this we are using CVLC (the command-line VLC). This is the complete line to setup the MJPEG stream via HTTP to port 8080:

cvlc http://CAM_IP/now.jpg?snap=spush --loop --sout '#standard{mux="mpjpeg",