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[[Project Image::File:C93edd16-42b1-47ff-8699-51c33121ea60. CR0,0,1000,1000 PT0 SX300 V1 .jpg|360x360px]]
Project Lego bluetooth hub control
Name Lego bluetooth hub control
Start 2020/12/15
Contact User:Rogue
Information Controlling Lego Technic bluetooth hubs
Status Alpha

91kO8RGLv6L. AC SL1500 .jpg

In the end of 2019 I bought a Lego technic 4x4 (42099). It can be controlled by a Lego app via bluetooth. However the Lego app only can control the internal hub and motors as a 4x4. Last year in december I bought a Lego technic excavator (42100). The 4x4 has 1 hub and 3 motors, the excavator has 2 hubs with 7 motors. Enough parts to build interesting projects .... if you can control the motors.

There is a nice example project to control the 4x4 with an arduino nano ble sense which works out of the box (link here). Currently I'm trying to do it with python. Still trying ......