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Overzicht van evemenenten.

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EventEvent nameStartEndEvent location
Events/2022-07-09 MCH2022 Badge Flashing SweatshopMCH2022 Badge Flashing Sweatshop9 July 2022 13:30:009 July 2022 23:00:00Bitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2022-07-22 MCH2022MCH202222 July 2022 10:00:0026 July 2022 18:00:00Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde
Events/2022-08-20 DJO LanpartyDJO Lanparty20 August 2022 10:00:0021 August 2022 12:00:00Computerweg 20A, Amersfoort
Events/2022-09-01 Print&Pizza NightPrint & Pizza Night1 September 2022 18:00:001 September 2022 23:59:00Bitlair, Computerweg 20A


EventEvent nameDate
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Event locationEvent infoEvent member
Events/2022-07-02 MCH2022 Badge Packaging SweatshopMCH2022 Badge Packaging SweatshopBitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2022-05-28 MCH2022 Decoratie SweatshopMCH2022 Decoratie SweatshopBitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2022-05-14 MCH2022 post-fieldday nomzMCH2022 post-fieldday nomzBitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2022-05-12 Besloten bijeenkomst TooolBesloten bijeenkomst The Open Organization of lockpickers (TOOOL).Projects/Space3.0
Events/2022-04-16 MCH Orgameet April 2022MCH Orgameet April 2022Bitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2022-04-09 MCH2022 NOC MeetupMCH2022 NOC MeetupBitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2022-03-26 Open DagOpen DagBitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2022-03-19 DJO FilmavondDJO FilmavondComputerweg 20A Amersfoort
Events/2022-03-12 MCH2022 Orga MeetMCH2022 Orga MeetBitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2022-03-07 DJO BegeleidersvergaderingDJO BegeleidersvergaderingComputerweg 20A, Amersfoort
Events/2022-02-09 DJO/IMC on TourDJO/IMC on TourComputerweg 20A Amersfoort
Events/2022-02-02 DJO/IMC on TourDJO/IMC on TourComputerweg 20A Amersfoort
Events/2021-10-29 Eth0Eth0 2020Lievelde
Events/2021-10-23 DJO FilmavondDJO FilmavondBitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2021-10-09 DJO Bitlair member BBQDJO Bitlair member BBQBitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2021-09-25 GameavondGameavondBitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2020-06-14 Metameet 0x31 VirtualMetameet 0x31 VirtualVirtual
Events/2020-05-24 Metameet 0x30 VirtualMetameet 0x30 VirtualVirtual
Events/2020-05-16 Hackerspace boardmeeting (canceled)Inter hackerspace boardmeeting 2020 editieBitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2020-04-02 Print & Pizza Night 4 (Cancelled)Print & Pizza Night 4 (Cancelled)Bitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2020-03-28 Open Dag (Cancelled)Internationale Open Hackerspace Dag 2020Bitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2020-03-15 Metameet 0x30 (Cancelled)Metameet 0x30 (Cancelled)Projects/Space3.0
Events/2020-03-15 CZ20 Badge Meetup (Cancelled)CampZone 2020 Badge Meetup (Cancelled)Bitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2020-03-05 Print & Pizza NightPrint & Pizza night 3Computerweg 20A Amersfoort
Events/2020-02-29 Hack in the Class VrijwilligersmeetingHack in the Class VrijwilligersmeetingBitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2020-02-14 HackerHotelHackerHotel: Valentine EditionWestcord Hotel, Garderen
Events/2020-02-09 Metameet 0x2FMetameet 0x2FProjects/Space3.0
Events/2020-01-12 Metameet 0x2EMetameet 0x2EProjects/Space3.0
Events/2020-01-09 Print & Pizza NightPrint & Pizza nightBitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2019-12-31 BitEnNieuw2019Bit & Nieuw 2019Bitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2019-12-27 36C336th Chaos Communication CongressLeipzig, Duitsland
Events/2019-12-21 DJO LanpartyLanparty voor De Jonge Onderzoekers (DJO) van 21-12 09:30 uur tot 22-12 14:00 uur.Computerweg 20A Amersfoort
Events/2019-12-15 Metameet 0x2DMetameet 0x2DProjects/Space3.0
Events/2019-11-23 FibreSplicingParty/WorkshopFiber Splicing Party/Workshop 2019Projects/Space3.0
Events/2019-11-03 Metameet 0x2CMetameet 0x2CProjects/Space3.0
Events/2019-10-18 eth0:autumnEth0:autumnLievelde
Events/2019-10-05 Weekend van de WetenschapWeekend van de Wetenschap 2019 Open DagBitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2019-09-29 Metameet 0x2BMetameet 0x2BProjects/Space3.0
Events/2019-08-21 CCCampChaos Communication Camp 2019Mildenberg Brick Work Park, Duitsland
Events/2019-08-10 GamenightGamenight 2019Projects/Space3.0
Events/2019-08-04 Metameet 0x2AMetameet 0x2AProjects/Space3.0
Events/2019-07-20 DJO LAN-partyDJO LAN-partyBitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2019-06-29 DJO opruimingDJO ruimt op!Bitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2019-05-30 Gulaschprogrammiernacht 2019Gulaschprogrammiernacht 2019ZKM und HfG, Karlsruhe, Germany
Events/2019-05-25 KlusdagKlusdag 25 mei 2019Projects/Space3.0
Events/2019-05-18 Workshop GLSL-ShadersLeer animaties programmeren in GLSLBitlair, Computerweg 20A
Events/2019-05-05 Metameet 0x29Metameet 0x29Projects/Space3.0
Events/2018-04-14 EventInfra Staging The Party 2019EventInfra Staging The Party 2019Bitlair, Computerweg 20A, Flexlab
Events/2019-04-07 Metameet 0x28Metameet 0x28Projects/Space3.0
Events/2019-03-30 Open DagInternationale Open Hackerspace Dag 2019Bitlair, Computerweg 20A
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