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Project BitBanner (LED-banner)
Name BitBanner (LED-banner)
Start 2015/03/13
Contact Bobo1on1, Mro, Rogue, X6m, Polyfloyd, Juerd, Stijn
Information A LED-banner consisting of 16 5 meter long 30 LEDs/meter strips.
Status Production

Bitlair's new incarnation of blinkenlights: the BitBanner. The BitBanner will consist of 16 5 meter long RGB LED-strips, with 30 pixels per meter. They'll need 5V about 120 Amps. To provide power 24 V power supplies will be used along with 32 step down converters (4 per PCB, designed and created by Bobo1on1).


  • Create stepdown power converters done
  • Cut holes in aluminium profile done
  • Align and tiewrap LED-strips to cloth done!
    • Polyfloyd designed and lasercut a custom 'straightener' to align.
  • Connect power supplies to led-strips wip
  • Create a controller wip


  • Drill holes in aluminium profile done
  • Buy banner fabric done
  • Buy 2000 cable ties done
  • Buy bold / nut 100 * 3mm 15mm + rings 200 done
  • Buy wire for connecting led strips (1 mm2 red/black 32*1m?)
  • Buy wire for supplying power to pcb's () (2.5 mm2 red/black 12m)


Bitbanner sort.jpg

Sorting the LED-strips.

Bitbanner cloth.jpg

The BitBanner cloth.

Bitbanner straightener.jpg

Polyfloyd and his DIY LED-strip straightener.

Bitbanner aligning.jpg Bitbanner alinging2.jpg

Aligning the LED-strips.