Current status of Laser Cutter 1

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The outer shell is finished, x axis and y-axis are moving, air hose and wires support on x-axis follow the cart. water cooling fan's mounted

Current ideas/changes:

  • we move from the idea of honeycomb to laminar airflow system with parallel rods to support the materials.

Next priorities:

  • Order air flow ==> (mro)
  • Order Bed frame and support rods ==> hobbybob upload pics
  • Order acrilyc for cover-lid (disformes at 10600nm light)
  • Order Hose connectors for water cooling
  • Order magnetic switch for top-cover
  • power cord connector in outer shell
  • power distribution to air assist pump
  • power distribution to high voltage transformer
  • power distribution to water cooling
  • duration time meter
  • emergency stop
  • key switch

Nice to haves for now:

  • Z-bed
    • manual
    • electric
  • Water temperature in and out sensors

Design changes for next cutters

  • outershell front remove left airhole (in beam path when mirror fails)
  • outershell front remove right airhole (copy/paste bug)
  • outershell front top right cover corner needs to move by 1 cm.
  • outershell top engine bay cover, create holes for hinges


  • Inner frame created
  • Laser tubes ordered and arrived
  • Optics Ordered:
    • mirors
    • lenses
    • glasses