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The query [[Category:Event]] [[Start::+]] [[Start::≤13 June 2019]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0032 seconds.

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EventEvent nameDate
"Date" is a type and predefined property provided by Semantic MediaWiki to represent date values.
Event locationEvent infoEvent member
Events/2018-03-11 Metameet 0x1EMetameet 0x1EProjects/Space3.0
Events/2018-02-25 Droid Build DayDroid Build DayProjects/Space3.0
Events/2018-02-16 HackerHotel 2018HackerHotel 2018Westcord Hotel, Garderen
Events/2018-02-11 Metameet 0x1DMetameet 0x1DProjects/Space3.0
Events/2018-01-20 Klussen & RuimenKlussen & RuimenProjects/Space3.0
Events/2018-01-14 Metameet 0x1CMetameet 0x1CProjects/Space3.0
Events/2017-12-27 34rd Chaos Communication Congress34rd Chaos Communication CongressLeipzig, DE
Events/2017-12-16 Grote Verhuizing v2Grote verhuizing v2Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-12-10 Space2 pack all the things2Space2 pack all the things!Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-12-09 Space2 pack all the thingsSpace2 pack all the things!Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-12-02 Space2 infra afbouwen en inpakkenSpace2 infra afbouwen en inpakkenProjects/Space2.0
Events/2017-11-19 Metameet 0x1BMetameet 0x1BProjects/Space2.0
Events/2017-11-18 Eem On Ice BuildupEem On Ice BuildupEemplein, Amersfoort
Events/2017-11-04 NaaiworkshopNaaiworkshopAriane 24, amersfoort
Events/2017-10-22 Metameet 0x1AMetameet 0x1AProjects/Space2.0
Events/2017-10-19 DJO-dia-avondBesloten evenementProjects/Space2.0
Events/2017-10-07 Weekend van de WetenschapOn hacksels van de hackers van hackerspace BitlairProjects/Space3.0
Events/2017-09-24 Metameet 0x19Metameet 0x19Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-09-09 Verenigingenmarkt EempleinVerenigingenmarkt EempleinEemplein, Amersfoort
Events/2017-09-03 Metameet 0x18Metameet 0x18Projects/Space2.0