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EventEvent nameDate
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Event locationEvent infoEvent member
Events/2018-05-19 Workshop showlasersWorkshop ShowlasersHoofdpagina
Events/2018-05-12 Hack in the class meetupHack in the Class Meet-upComputerweg 20A, Amersfoort
Events/2018-05-10 Gulaschprogrammiernacht 2018Gulaschprogrammiernacht 2018ZKM und HfG, Karlsruhe, Germany
Events/2018-05-06 Metameet 0x20Metameet 0x20Projects/Space3.0
Events/2018-05-03 Rust WorkshopRust WorkshopProjects/Space3.0
Events/2018-04-28 Workshop Episch web hackenWeb Hacking workshopComputerweg 20A, Amersfoort
Events/2018-04-21 Openingsfeest Space3.0Openingsfeest Space3.0Projects/Space3.0
Events/2018-04-08 Metameet 0x1FMetameet 0x1FProjects/Space3.0
Events/2018-03-31 Open DagLandelijke Hackerspaces Open DagProjects/Space3.0
Events/2018-03-24 EventInfra Staging The PartyEventInfra Staging The PartyBitlair, Computerweg 20A, Flexlab
Events/2018-03-16 eth0 winter 2018Eth0Leeuwarden
Events/2018-03-11 Metameet 0x1EMetameet 0x1EProjects/Space3.0
Events/2018-02-25 Droid Build DayDroid Build DayProjects/Space3.0
Events/2018-02-16 HackerHotel 2018HackerHotel 2018Westcord Hotel, Garderen
Events/2018-02-11 Metameet 0x1DMetameet 0x1DProjects/Space3.0
Events/2018-01-20 Klussen & RuimenKlussen & RuimenProjects/Space3.0
Events/2018-01-14 Metameet 0x1CMetameet 0x1CProjects/Space3.0
Events/2017-12-27 34rd Chaos Communication Congress34rd Chaos Communication CongressLeipzig, DE
Events/2017-12-16 Grote Verhuizing v2Grote verhuizing v2Projects/Space2.0
Events/2017-12-10 Space2 pack all the things2Space2 pack all the things!Projects/Space2.0