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Project Charliplexed LED cube
Name Charliplexed LED cube
Start 2020/01/08
Contact Kuro_Maii
Information A 6×6×6 green LED cube made with a 15×16 charlieplexed grid
Status Beta

To control all the 216 LEDs in this cube with as few control pins on a microcontroller as possible I opted for a charlieplex gird as a starting option. To get to at least 216 LEDs in a charlieplex I needed a grid of 15 columns and 16 rows (for a total of 240 LEDs).

The gird is divided in 4 panels of 6×6 LEDs, 2 panels of 6×3 and 2 of 3×6. This leaves the last row of 15 and a section 3×3 LEDs unused by the cube but they can be put somewhere as status LEDs or some such [ideas pending].

-2020-02-26: the panels have been created and tested. next up arranging them into a proper cube. ~~making the code to light up the LEDs in fancy 3D patterns.~~