Events/2020-01-09 Print & Pizza Night

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Print & Pizza night
Start 2020/01/09 05:30:00 PM
End 2020/01/09 11:59:00 PM
Location Bitlair, Computerweg 20A

Due to the move of ReprapWorld the monthly print & Pizza night cannot be held in their Nootdorp location. Hobbybob offered to host the meeting at Bitlair and Hackerhotel, until Reprapworld has completed their move to their new location. Normally this meeting is held the first thursday of the month, however the 2nd of January isn't a good date for a meetup, because of the holidays. Therefor the meeting will be held on THURSDAY the 9th of January at Bitlair and on SUNDAY (Not thursday!!!) the 16th of February at Hackerhotel. If needed we will continue to host the print & Pizza night at bitlair on the 1st thursday of the month.

Program 9th of january: 17.30: doors open. 18.30: see how many people want pizza 18.45: order pizza . . . Free format : bring your printer, your prints, meet other people, talk, learn...