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 Project nameProject infoStartedProject contact
Projects/bitradiobitradioA raspberry pi in the space tracking planes and hab balloons. Can also be used for other radio things. Is attached to the antenna.20 July 2014Stijn
Projects/bitmobileBitmobileReviving the scootmobile used at OHM2013.18 May 2014Stijn
Projects/PortalPortalBitlair member/friend portal1 January 2014AK47
Projects/BitBank v2Bitlair BankGebaseerd op RevBank1 January 2014WilcoBaanHofman
Projects/Power savingPower savingProject to save more power in Bitlair1 August 2013WilcoBaanHofman
Projects/LumberjackLumberjackWood collection for our great fireplace1 May 2013R3boot
Projects/Ohm led strip sleevesOhm2013 led strip sleevesOhm2013 led strip sleeves2 January 2013Rogue
Projects/Led BoardLed Board aka BitPanelA matrix led board we got from someone3 October 2012Bobo1on1
Projects/Led PanelsLed PanelsHome made rgb led panels with controllers1 October 2012Rogue
Projects/SunType5ConverterSun Type 5 Keyboard PC ConverterBuilding a converter for the famous Sun Type 5 keyboard26 September 2012R3boot
Projects/Mendel90Mendel90Building a mendel9014 September 2012Zarya
Projects/BitBarPiBitBarPiA raspberry pi controlled cash register1 August 2012Zarya
Projects/Open DomoticaOpen DomoticaLet's launch open sourced domotica properly. Currently in pre-alpha phase.1 August 2012WebSpider
Projects/NetlightNetlightThe network traffic light at haxogreen27 July 2012Pietdv
Projects/siahsdSIA-HS DaemonAlarm system IP daemon for the SIA-HS protocol14 July 2012WilcoBaanHofman
Projects/ShellserverBitlair shellserverA members-only shellserver14 July 2012R3boot
Projects/Analog things meterAnalog things meterA analog meter for things8 July 2012Zarya
Projects/Smiley BoxSmiley BoxA smiley box8 July 2012Mro
Projects/Space AmpSpace AmpNew amp for in the space7 July 2012Bobo1on1
Projects/mehduinoMehDuinoA barebone arduino clone7 July 2012Bobo1on1
Projects/Power MeterPower MeterBitlair Power meter7 July 2012Zarya
Projects/KPN Hotspots AutologinKPN Hotspots AutologinKPN Hotspots Autologin5 May 2012AK47
Projects/Ethernet over phone cableEthernet over phone cableRun ethernet over a phone cable, using homeplug adapters.2 April 2012Bobo1on1
Projects/Laser cutterLaser cutterBig 100W laser cutter11 March 2012Hobbybob
Projects/SA12 IPC@CHIPSA12 IPC@Chipsystem on a chip15 January 2012Zarya
Projects/DashboardBitlair Statistics / DashboardBitlair statistics / Dashboard29 December 2011AK47
Projects/BitlightBitlightBitlair lighting23 December 2011Bobo1on1
Projects/Bitlair TVBitlair TVGlasvezelnetwerk in Amersfoort is open gesteld. Daar willen we gebruik van maken.17 November 2011Stitch
Projects/FT-817 BuddyFT-817 BuddyBuddy box for the FT-817 radio15 November 2011Pe5ed
Projects/PhonePhoneCall +31337 114 6669 November 2011AK47
Projects/SpaceCamSpaceCamSpaceCam!9 November 2011AK47
Projects/Bionical BodypartsBionical BodypartsBionical Arm + Bionical foot19 October 2011Zilcha
Projects/Esther.esrac.ele.tue.nlesther.esrac.ele.tue.nlSoftware voor satelliet volg systeem voor esther.esrac.ele.tue.nl14 September 2011Zarya
Projects/RouterLabRouterLabRouter lab for testing advanced routing/networking protocols7 September 2011AK47
Projects/SpaceFEDSpaceFEDFederated hackerspace logons1 September 2011WilcoBaanHofman
Projects/weatherstationWeatherstationAn arduino powered weatherstation1 September 2011R3boot
Projects/BlinkenlairBlinkenlairBlinken @ Amersfoort19 August 2011WebSpider
Projects/DR2C-YU1LM SDRDR2C-YU1LM SDRMonoband SDR HF S/H Sample and Hold Receiver with LO at working frequency - DR2C from 30 KHz to 50 MHz22 July 2011Zarya
Projects/SkipbuttonSkipbuttonSkipbutton remote1 July 2011Bobo1on1
Projects/SDRSDRSDR (Software Defined Radio) for listening to the Amateur radio bands21 June 2011Maze
Projects/MuzieksysteemMuzieksysteemBitlair muziek- en videospeler14 June 2011Bobo1on1
Projects/Space1.0Ruimte 1.0 van BitlairOmdat de algemene ruimte van Bitlair ook een project is!4 June 2011Polyfloyd
Projects/BitBackupBitBackupLocal and remote backup tool1 June 2011WilcoBaanHofman
Projects/SubwooferSubwooferNice Bass27 May 2011Bobo1on1
Projects/DarknetDarknetDarknet for hackerspaces23 May 2011Maze
Projects/BitBankBitBankBar & Bank app23 May 2011Zarya
Projects/SpaceNotifierSpaceNotifierSpace Notifier15 May 2011AK47
Projects/RafrdRafrdRealtime asynchronous replication daemon5 May 2011WilcoBaanHofman
Projects/Drinks and snacksDrinks and snacksDrankjes & snacks welke te koop zijn in de space1 May 2011Mro
Projects/ysftYoutube s/flash/totem/Replaces flash player with totem on youtube1 April 2011WilcoBaanHofman